Thursday, May 7, 2015

Just Children!

On May 2nd  I attended a Woman's Christian conference Clinton, Tennessee called "Fresh Grounded Faith."
Everyone who entered the auditorium received a bag which contained information as to what the  agenda would consist of, information regarding the speakers etc.  As the auditorium started filling up I looked into this bag  noticing a plastic envelope and a photo of a child's face inside it.

I knew that this conference was interested in a program to help children and their families by supporting them financially and spiritually.  I had seen adds on TV of organizations asking for support for the same thing and always felt that monies received went more towards the administration then the children. This was different. Compassion International listed on the Internet.
 I knew of others who were already sponsoring some of these children in many different countries. I knew my son and his wife were sponsoring children also and had such good information about the organization and their children.  So I wanted to do the same.

It would cost me $38 a month so much less than I spend each month on miscellaneous "stuff" each month.  This could help a child. So I checked the folder for the name  of the little three year old and then noticed her birthday.  It was my daughters' birthday, my youngest and I felt a little tug on my heart..

To me it was ironic that out of all the hundreds of bags given out to the women at the conference, mine had this child and here is her picture. She was meant to be sponsored by me.

I  write this on my blog not to be praised, not for a pat on the back.  I just had something to say and hoped that some one reading my blog would be tempted to help a child by going to that website for Compassion International..

Happy Mother's Day too!


Monday, March 30, 2015

In My Opinion

The Invisibles 2009 

The word invisible in Websters dictionary says: "incapable of being seen, hidden, not appearing".
That is why I am invisible and I will proceed to tell you why.

You change when you hit 70+.  Maybe your hair will turn gray or pure whte, you may walk a little slower afraid of falling and you look as if you lost something because you are always watching the ground for fear of that.

No one notices you anymore.  You don't go to parties as much as some of your friends are no longer around to have them due to the fact they have moved away from you or have passed.
Waiting at resturants foyer for a table to open up you look around for a bench or seat to sit on and no one younger or even a man sitting there get up to offer you a seat.
Most, not all, young people walk in and out of doors oblivious that you are behind them not holding that door for you. We are Invisible!

However, one place we are not invisible at all and that is at our Doctor's office.  We are all there, white, gray hairs sitting awaiting our turn.  Yes, the nurse knows we are not Invisible, she calls our name.

There are all types of us Invisibles.  Some are lucky to still be able to take care of themselves at home while some are in another type of home, a Nursing Home.  All sizes, all shapes, all colors, white hair, gray it doesn't matter we are Invisibles.
 Now they are called "Honey, Sweetie, Dear.  These names I only use to my love ones but now semi-strangers are calling them by that.  What ever happened to "May I call you -------" or "Ms.-------- from these young guardians of our health.  Our immediate families who will love us no matter what our age, value us.  We aren't Invisible to them, well hardly.  They may call upon us to vent but never to take advice.  That I a subject that would  make a whole different ranting on my part.

Here is what stirred my ranting this time.

 I was standing in front of Walmart Store waiting for my ride when I see a white van pull up.  Doors swing open, woman driver gets out.  Takes out walkers, wheel chairs gently brings out the people. They are not Invisible to her, its her job. Yes, all white heads, soon to be Invisible in Walmart.
I smiled as they slowly walked by me so being white haired they saw me and we exchanged smiles.  There must have been 10 of them and I noticed young people passing by them as if there was  a big sale to end in 5 minutes.  No one holds a door, none of them smiling just rushing past these Invisibles.
 Maybe I should start a club for us Invisibles, we could meet, eat and greet while we rant about the younger generation. Be assured you younger than us, you will be joining in our club one of these days.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Finally and Hopefully

The above heading is first day of Spring on the Highway to Knoxville, Tennessee. .  The picture of the church and snow is the first day of Spring in New Jersey, my hometown.  It is even worse, I understand, farther North you go .  The landscaping places are all excited here getting their plants and fertilizers ready and the parking lots of places like Lowes and Home Depot show that the cabin fever has left (hopefully) and everyone is smiling and buying.

 However, I remember here in Tennessee on an Easter Sunday morning the snow was about 4 inches deep and a little daffodil was poking its head out as if to say "am I in the wrong place, or wrong season?"  Wish I took a photo of that.  Anything can happen the next month and rest of March so don't put away your woolies just yet even in the Middle South.

 For those of you who see this only in an email this is the above picture I was mentioning as the "above heading"

Thursday, February 19, 2015

BRRR! February 2015

Although many of you have had very severe snow storms in the North, we have had ice. My title picture above is from my breakfast room. This tree is the hopping off place for my birds to get to the feeders just below. Then there is a photo where a Willow tries to stand tall but is covered in ice. Hope the ice will be insulating what has already started to bud. In the front yards the brave Bradford Trees stand majestically but still covered in ice. Birds, my favorite to watch. The same ones every morning and early evening. The remind me of a grocery store line. One is pesty shoving and pushing, one forgot something but wants not to get out of line and one that is content to just wait. Another view from my kitchen window as you look out. It reminds me of a skating rink up North or a frozen pond in a park. Ice is just covering the empty lot. Imagination is a great thing!

Friday, February 13, 2015


This week having a case of Cabin Fever and we have not been snowed in like so many of my Northern friends have been, I decided to do one of my favorite activities, walking. Really, not exercise walking, just walking through stores. One of my favorite stores that is not a craft type store would be antique and thrift stores with either an Estate Sale or garage Sale and being the weather so cold, we ended up Antiquing. I find my best deals in Antique stores. I have my favorite one that are reasonable and has a variety yet not cluttered up so much that you get overwhelmed and that is the store I find my best deals in. It is a fairly new one, run by two ladies of years and they are fun to talk with and can always give me a "deal". Let me show you what I consider a deal. First, this is something I passed up at the beginning of the "hunt" because I thought it was a bunch of individual items in a bowl. Then on second time around I went up to it and found out it was entirely one piece. Someone made this time consuming art piece and I bought it. Yes, got it for less than they asked and I was almost embarrassed to ask but what the heck, why not. This will be sitting on my harvest table from Spring time to Autumn. This is what I found in my favorite store also. It is all hand stitch, and has handstitched applique on it. Yes, I did check to make sure no China labels on it or cut off it. I was told it was recently made so there are no stains on it, torn pieces that you get if you are interested in old, old quilts. Which I am not. Then, my best friend forever (Ramona) or BFF brought me a wonderful quilt she made special. This I sleep under at night or throw over me for a nap. More to follow I hope!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just Some Neat Photos

I guess sharing is my middle name because I do like you to see what is going on around Tennessee, where my husband Dave and I and KatieDog live. But you know that already if you get my blogs. The days have recently been very gray and dismal I am sorry to say. That is Winter, and I do love Winter. However, on this particular day the sky was so blue and the sun shinning so bright my husband took advantage of the day by going outside to soak up some of the warmer (ha!) weather. He gets cabin fever, ya know! This is a picture from our yard and it really was amazing to see all these streaming lines of airplanes going East to West, possible South to North. It was a day after a holiday (Martin Luther King) so maybe people were taking advantage of a long weekend by flying and now on Tuesday morn the sky was full of them going back home. Another photo which deserves an award for Valentines Day, Best in Veggie photo is this one. Now, a bag of Idaho potatoes is one thing but to find this one big one in the bag was just amazing, especially since a holiday is almost upon us. Yes, we peeled it, and ate it.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Journaling - Reflecting

I would think that a lot of you have kept journals from when you were probably eight years old, you still have them, you still journal and you probably have many of them. I started my journaling at a confused part of my life and that was back in 1970s. I worked, had five kids .  Still, Iwrote in journals.  Mostly when I was sad, angry, depressed, confused.   Then  about 10 years passed of writing, I decided those  journals  I would burn. . I did not want to leave them for someone else to pick up after I was gone to read because they were really very personal journals. But then things seem to get  better in the 80's. I once again started to write in journals.

Just the other day, after Christmas, my husband and I were having our afternoon glass of wine and I remembered those journals I had put away in a box in the basement.   It was a dreary kind of day not much to do so I asked my husband if he would get that box of journals for  me to read .  He did, and I began to read from them to him. I read things that we both laughed at, some made me cry, some made me skip a page.

We traveled a lot in an RV full-timing it, which I really loved.   After 3 yrs. of it or more, I realized I needed a home base. So these journals began with our trips from 2000 untiluntil 2006, when we settle down in a new home in Tennessee. My favorite place to live. The journals that I read to him  have my impressions about people that I've met. My family!  Some were critical of people, and  as the years went by those same people I wrote about completely change my feelings about them.  As I read it to my husband, he said "you changed your mind over the years havent you?maybe you should burn that book too". I decided I  would just rip out those pages that may be hurtful to whoever reads my journals after I am gone.  For my observations about them were wrong.

I read out loud to him about our travels to see if he remembered how much fun we had and some of the other RV people that we met from all over the north,  east, south and some parts of the Northwest. He  would love to go full timing again but that's not for me I love my home.  Some  might say home is where the heart is, it  doesn't matter where you reside be it a building, a house, or an an RV.  Been there, done that so making a house a home is for me!

I started a new journal in  2006. Didn't write every single day.  I am really using my iPad and dictating then printing it and putting it in my journal. I guess I got a little lazy with the handwriting and I do love to write by hand but it's so much quicker to do it this way. Still writing feelings mostly.

So my point is, do you ever look at your journals past. Have you changed your mind about things that you said in your journal? Did you write in it when you were sad or just happy?  Did you write about your travels?  I only wish I started journals when I ws a teenager or younger.  How interesting it would be to see how I lived during the years between 1945 and 2014, how I felt. .  I just remember glimpses of how it was back then .  Journaling gives you kind of a time capsule.