Monday, January 18, 2016

                                                              A Picture Window


Very cold today. But I stay inside cuddled up in the chair with a blanket and my dog,  watching the birds outside trying  to keep warm by eating out of all the three feeders I have out there.  

This reminds me of another picture window. Many times Dave and I would go to Maryville from home and drive up 4 11. 

There was a house facing the road, a very neat, nice home . Every  time we went by I would look out at this house towards their large front window. I could see a hospital bed and somebody elderly laying in that bed, not looking out of the window, just quietly laying there.

l would tried to wave, hoping that this person would look my way but never did.  Every time we pass over the period of months maybe a year or two it was the same thing. I was just wishing that someday that man or woman would turn their head see me and waved back. That never happened!
Recently, we drove past that same house. I noticed there is no person laying in the bed looking out the front window just the back end of the couch or sofa appearing now.
That big picture window would overlook a porch which would have potted plants and out further, bushes where I am sure birds would be flitting about. Now the drapes are drawn, the shades are pulled down on that same picture window and on the front porch instead of potted flowers there are different kinds of sitting chairs and kids toys, so different.

A regret I have, that I never took the initiative to walk up to that house, ring the doorbell, and ask if I could come visit whoever that was laying in bed by the front picture window.  Years ago that would've been the thing to do but now people are so frightened of anybody who rang the doorbell or knocked on the door for fear it might be Intrepid and that did cross my mind.
I have heard people on TV or even people I know or meet that say they have their no regrets. I think it would be wonderful if you could leave this earth without any regrets . We all have them whether they be small ones or big ones and I know I probably have some of both. That person in the window, never know to each other, will never know a stranger cared.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Yes, Happy New Year!

The New Year begins:

I was surprised that I have been able to have 80 years of saying Happy New Year, well, at least the years I was able to know what the sayings Happy New Year meant and able to say it.

The end of 2015, December, was very gratifying to me.  Mainly because I got to take a trip to Florida to see my children, grandchildren, relatives, old friends.  It does get tiring hopping from one place to another, they live in different cities, but gratifying to see their faces and spend time with them all.
I was glad after three weeks to get home though.  There is no place like home! as Dorothy said.

We just bought a new camper and this was her maiden voyage.  We have had campers for years. all size campers, but this small one was the most coziest and comfortable to be in and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  You see, I do not  like to put anyone out by staying in their homes.  As a youngster living at home, my parents never visited relatives for more than a day.   The only time I remember staying in someone's home was when I was eleven.  There was a beach house my mother, father, and sister and I stayed at for a week. It was because my father was a house painter and his friend offered the home to us while Dad did the work of painting it.  That does not count.

I didnt make any New Year's Resolutions.  I always forget about them by March anyway.  You know the ones, lose weight, exercise, join some art clubs, etc.This year I have noticed on Facebook and several other websites that we are asked now to pick a word that will reflect your attitude towards 2016.  I picked the work BRAVE.  I feel that at my age now I must be brave enough to accept my future of maybe getting weaker, not being able to do some things because of aches and pains.
Maybe, losing some old time friends. Politics in 2016, as it ends scares me.  I just felt that I heard the words Be Brave Diane as I read what others were using for their word of the year and Brave just fit me.
I will try!  So pick a word for 2016.

                                               In Savannah, Georgia State Park

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October favorite month.

Our trip for four days in a cabin outside of Dahlonaga Georgia with favorite couple to share with was so much fun
Our dear husbands took us to about 6 winery/vineyards waiting patiently as my girlfriend and I tasted probably 30 plus wines but not all in one day/  I bought home 4 bottles while she did 10.

In the town which was just filling up with tourist I found this delightful store. I do like to try different herbs in vinegars and olive oils so this was perfect for me and bought six different kinds of oils and balsamic vinegars. 

 We then managed to have them drive us to Berts Farm to pick out some gourds or pumpkins.  Did you ever see blue pumpkins, or pink pumpkins?  The entire several  acreage had all sizes of them, big. huge, medium and small. Most fun for me was the little house we rented on a river with trails to walk .  We weren't there an hour and my husband went fishing and immediately caught this trout (and threw it back).  It was a fun trip that we take once a year, they from Florida and we from Tennessee.

Monday, October 19, 2015


I guess I started to try my hand at quilting several years ago at the insistence of my quilting friends. I joined a swapping group that had many different ideas on making blocks and sending them to each other.  I also managed to do lap quilts for most of my 9 grandchildren and some for just hither and there.
I did not considered  myself a quilter as they were but it was creative and I loved creating.  However, I found that I was a proficient sewer and decided it was time to put away that creativeness and go for my true love of painting and several other paper type challenges like Artist Trading Cards, Fabric(yes) postcards, homemade envelopes which I still do.  Journaling has always been a way for me to express my feelings and I have been doing that on and off for years.  Now I am doing an Art Journal to express my love of color, design and the art supplies I have gathered.

Now this quilt I show here is my last to do.  I did the top of the quilt and my BFF took it home with her on a visit to Tennessee to see me, and put the backing together for me and also as a birthday gift had it quilted.  I really did like doing these blocks mainly because of my artist eye of color and to tell the truth rather easy to do.  The hard part my friend did for me.  The top and back are my design so I will take credit for that but the quilting of it is outstanding.  I never quilted the tops and she wanted me to see how nice they come out when you finish it with quilting it together.

In my "sewing" days I also made those fabric postcards, pin cushions,wall hangings and even a calendar of months for my grandson Matt.  I may even have those in this blog somewhere.  So here it is.  My final!

The back is black and white with dark mauve around it.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Outsider Art

Last night I watched a public broadcasting system movie documentary about a city and it could be in any large city that has an influx of homeless people.   It was call Slum City Art.
In just a small area in a large city that has abandoned buildings, closed  stores etc. most of these homeless people always end up. They virtually live on the street or in corners of these old buildings or if they can get inside they go inside.

A certain percentage of these homeless people can be those that just got out of jail and no place to go, could be junkies from drugs that have lost everything because of the drugs or it could be the economy and the loss of jobs. Again, a certain percentage of them  are released from mental institutions.

From what I understood about this area, a working artist decided to open up one of the storefronts with her own money and provided a place for anyone to come in and do art. It started out with just a handful of people all sizes all shapes all having different reasons for being homeless yet they wanted to express their self and their feelings by doing part, by painting and drawing the circumstances around them.

They were  a little reluctant at first . Trust can be a problem! A few painted sitting on the curbs outside using  colored  pencils, water coloring paints, crayons whatever someone left or donated to this effort.  A few would take the chance and move inside the art building with  work tables, chairs and all kinds of medium was set up for them to use at their discretion.

It was amazing to me to see how many of these "homeless people ,"  were very talented and  would  sell their paintings.  The artist who started this would take half a dozen of them to art galleries and museums that they had never been to before. She wanted them to see what types of art is out there and to learn more about the classics that we take for granted.

She just let them go with whatever they wanted to paint or sketch or draw with her being there to help should they need to be critiqued in anyway. But, most of the time she just let them do their thing. It was amazing to me to see the talent that could have been lost but for this woman. If you get a chance to see PBS check it out. Another website is ArtIntheStreets.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall my favorite time of the year!

Fall or Autumn doesn't matter what you call it.  It is the coolness of the breeze you feel as you step outside on your deck with the first cup of coffee, my  favorite morning routine but only happens this time of year.,

Only thing missing are those hummingbirds at feeders Drinking the sugar water, then flying back and forth from tree to feeders.  This year they stayed until the end of Sept. And it is now October and the left for warm places.  I'll leave up the feeders in case a few stragglers on their way to  the South need a fill up.  I'll see them again next summer.  Did you know the same hummers come back to those feeders.?  That's what I read!!

Well, back to Fall or Autumn.  I like Autumn, it sounds crisp and colorful to me.  Leaves are beginning to ting on their ends a golden which will turn other shades of gold and red and then brown 
Waiting for either a slight breeze or just their turn to fall to the ground. The ground becomes a carpet of brown and some color that fell along with them.  Now  as I walk the  ground under neath these trees I feel the  crunch and you get the fragrance of flowers they fell upon that have started to leave their blooms..  

Coffee getting cold, now I need a fillup. Back in the house, fill the cup, no need to stay inside to drink it as my favorite lounger awaits me on the deck.  Yes, settling down on the chaise, sip of coffee. a cookie  too. . I just love this morning autumn break from those past hot, summer mornings.  Umm! Coffee,  so good!  Perfect morn.


Monday, August 10, 2015

Should be a Postscript!

A few months ago I wrote about the subject of aging, being invisible to people in the streets and how those with white hair (like me) are treated like they don't exist.  Some may disagree with  my subject but it was my observation, no one elses.  To disagree is good, to agree even better.

Now I don't like to get into anything political and even some religious points but I thought this a little ironic that at the time I was writing it my daughter in law Jennifer Rothschild was writing a book titled Invisible. It was not the same subject as mine but pretty close.  I had no idea she was getting published with this in August.

Today I received her book.  The title is "Invisible".  If you want to call it a religious book, okay but it was so right on for today and all those younger than us elders ,who may feel neglected, invisible of sorts to others, invisible to self, that I couldn't put it down. In fact, in the days and years gone by I wish I had that book to read.  It is a love story from Hosea book in the bible that Jennifer relates us to.

It is now in stores and on Amazon but first go to to see what I am talking about.  I must say that I missed putting one  sentence on my blog that I wrote a few months ago about the subject of being Invisible and that is "You are not Invisible to God".